"Art is my companion"

Triantafyllos Iliadis: Painting with the mouth, member of the International Union of Disabled Artists (V.D.M.F.K), awarded by the Academy of Athens.

Our world, our entire civilization, was made for beings with two hands. Take a simple buttonhole, for example; in order to pass a button through a buttonhole, one needs the use of two hands. Imagine now the depth of the problems I had to overcome having been born without those two hands.

However, my will and desire were mighty. As my power of creation grew, so, also, did my self-confidence. This, in turn, helped facilitate the focus on my creativity, rather than on my physical particularity, and to reconcile with this.

International Union of Disabled Artists


A stage of catalytic importance in my life was my contact, in 1967, with the International Union of Disabled Artists, aka, V.D.M.F.K., which is based in Liechtenstein. This international organization, gathers, using distinguishable criteria, works by disabled artists. It then organizes international shows in which these works are not only displayed, but also used for postcards, posters and calendars. The monies collected from these activities are then given back to the creators of the works as remuneration for their creations, thus ensuring them a decent livelihood and allowing them to pursue their creativity. In 1970, I became a member of the Union and, in time, a regular participant. The sense of needing to reciprocate, both in terms of quality and quantity, to the expectations of an organization that appeals to art lovers around the world, expounded my desire for a creative and artistic uplifting.

I now paint at a superhuman pace and with unending passion to continuously promote my expressive methods. I wanted my patterns and combination of colors to not cause confusion to the people who would view my works, rather, fill them with feelings of sweet nostalgia. I wanted my works to appeal to people around the world, if that is possible.

I continue to hold these beliefs to this day, which is why I set up this webpage. I would like, through this site, to convey the sensations that people have experienced in the exhibits in Greece and abroad, in which I have participated.

Happy navigating.