They said.. they wrote..

The compliments and positive comments regarding the works of the Artist Iliadis are too numerous to include in this site. Therefore, we have randomly selected a few for publication.

“Knowing the difficult problem that you face, I am considerably impressed by your artistic delivery. In each of your paintings, there is a remarkable combination of design and color suggesting a remarkable “Message of Life”, if I may use the name of your exhibit. Remarkable also, are the chromatic combinations that give a unique expression to each of your artistic compositions.”

Mr. Giankos Pesmantsoglou, Academic

“It was, for me, a Godsend surprise, the creative work of an exceptional artist. It incites admiration, emotion and joy simultaneously, as his works encompass a large part of the realities and dreams of human life.”

Mr. Alexis Solomos, Director

“Warm congratulations to the exceptional artist Triantafyllos Iliadis, who, through his efforts and accomplishments, sends a message of optimism and creativity, while simultaneously giving the art of painting the stamp of his techniques—efficient work and expressive compositions that breathe of dynamism. The city of Athens proudly entertains his works.”

Dimitris Avramopoulos, former Mayor of Athens

“Congratulations on your exhibit. The crisis at the gateway of the Balkans was very emotional. Your exhibit reminded us of the images of the refugees. I pray the bombings stop quickly – NOW.”

Miss Alkistis S. Deli, Student, 4th Elementary School of Patra

“I look at you with pride. You are an exceptional artist."

Ms. Betty Valasi, actress

“I thank you Mr. Iliadis. You moved me and made me feel human.”

Ms. Eleni Anousaki, Deputy (PASOK), actress

“My friend Triantafyllo,

I have always admired you without having met you. Today, that I witnessed your work, I understood that the strength of the soul for creation is greater than that of the body. I hope you continue in the same rhythm to grant us your splendid works.”

Mr. Manthos Kovalliotis, G.G. Panhellenian Co of Reason & Art

"An exhibition of unbelievable high standards that delivers many messages of strength and will. Apart from admiring your most beautiful work, it should be a standard to be copied by imitators.” Our state should show support. Bravo Mr. Iliadis.”

Mr. Nikolas K. Paradisis, Historian, Writer

“The harmony of colours and forms compose an incomparable aesthetic perfection. Let’s all listen and shout out, along with this excellent artist, “life is beautiful”.”

Dr. N. Basilopoulos

“With particular emotion and joy we received, in our community center, an artist, not only with a unique and exceptional talent, but also with a great soul. Messages of courage, love and life inspire your work. I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, every success.”

Ms. Ellie Evaggelidou, Vice-Mayor, Athens

“The works of the astonishing artist Triantafyllos Iliadis is characteristic of “the role of will in the world of art”, as he uses his mouth to create. Congratulations to the artist for the characteristic depiction of “Dead Life” and expression of daily life! I, along with my students from the IEK Galatsi, department of special apparel-fashion design, (where I teach history of apparel and all aspects of the multifaceted works of an artist) thoroughly enjoyed your exhibit.”

Mr. Haris Sepentzis, Stage and costume designer, Educator

“Congratulations for your incredible work. Health and strength always.” 

Mr. Evangelos Daskalakis, Artist

“Astonishing work with true colours charm and illumination, without exaggerating life and the attribution of nature - the “Ocean” full of the colour of Greece. I thank the artist for giving me the opportunity to admire his works and warm my soul.”

Ms. Maro Nikaki, Soloist, National Lyric Stage, Director of the Opera Room, Athens

“Warmest congratulations for your most worthy work.”

Mr. Thanasis Barinos, PM, ND, Chios

“Sincere and warm congratulations. The alternation of colours, the choice of subjects and the overall life in your works impresses the visitor. I wish the same creative appeal for an even better continuation.”

Mr. Petros Pantelaras, Mayor of Chios

“Our dearest Sir,

Through your works you showed us the strength of your soul and the joy of creation. You showed us how much we still have to accomplish in life in order to acquire the recognition of others. We thank you. With love,"

Σας ευχαριστούμε.”

The students of grade 2, 3rd Elementary School, Chios

“I admired the person but was jealous of the artist…

I drew strength and courage from his own strength and courage. In the few moments that we met and through the few words that came out from the charismatic, or rather divine mouth, I conceived why so many known and unknown speak with such admiration for Triantafyllo Iliadis. To the man and great artist, who honoured Chios with his unparalled works of art, a big thank you and a sincere wish; may he always be well so that he may offer, to humanity, for many more years to come, the strength of his soul and the beauty of his art.”

Mr. Aristidis Zannikos, former Mayor of Omiroupolis, Chios

“Dearest Triantafylle,

I wish you every success in life. To such a worthy person, the most important wish is that he continues his creative works and become an example for his fellow men.”

Mr. D. Terzidis, Mayor of Kilkis

“To the hope, peace, optimism and joy of life that are transferred to us through the paintings of Triantafyllos Iliadis.

With special emotion and many thanks.”

Mr. Spiros Vougias, University Professor, Municipal Advisor Thessaloniki

“His works can withstand even the toughest criticism. You deserve warm congratulations for turning your physical disabilities into an advantage. I admire you and am proud that you are a citizen of the Municipality of which I have the honour to be Mayor.”

Mr. Basilios Tsolakidis, Mayor of Vistonidas Xanthi

“When the strength of the soul surpasses the bodily incapabilities, the talent of the artist becomes a blaze expressed through the mouth.”

Mr. Giorgos Basilakis, Special Education Teacher

“!!!!!!..What can I say…What can I write…” 


“Warm congratulations to Triantafyllos Iliadis for his works.”

Mr. Evagellos Benizelos, Minister of Culture

“Some people shockingly verify in their life, the “strength of a forced ailment”. They transfer a will for life and for creating, especially there where there aren’t many reasons or proclamations. Today, I learned that one of those is you and for that, Thank you very much.”

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ”

Mr. Emmanuel Giannopoulos

“Fantastic. A miracle. The word congratulations is not enough to express my admiration.”

Mr. Dimitris Beis, former Mayor of Athens

“Seeing your exhibit brought to mind a poetic verse; how temperate our thoughts when the blue takes you for a walk. This compresses the beauty I felt when I read your paintings. Many congratulations.”

Mr. Basili Hatzibasileiou, Philologist

“If I want I can and if I can I do…I was once told by a friend. The colours of your works are mirrored in the depths of my heart and will remain there forever. Continue as strong as ever!” 

Miss Eleni P, student 2nd Gymnasium, Thermi, Thessaloniki

"Tonight, from the disabled artists, I got strength for life and courage of soul. I thank them for the gifts that they gave me.

With love,

Able-bodied and mentally limited.”

Dr. Theodoros M. Zambogiannis

“The limits of art can only be passed by the soul. Bravo!

With love,”

Mr. Mimis Plessas, song writer

“Tonight I realized how ‘small’ I am…”

Mr. Ilias Bountouris, artist

“Warm congratulations. Your works are exceptional. They offered me euphoria of the soul this Sunday morning. The words of Lycea came to mind from his incomparable play ‘The Super Weak’, where the defects of the body must be cured by the virtues of the soul.

In friendship,”

Mr. Yiannis Sakkis, Headmaster-Philologist

“Warm and sincere congratulation for the exceptional work presented in the exhibition in Koropi. With your four works, you showed a distinct message which adds to the rest of your work. I hope with all my heart that you continue and expand your so very important work. Congratulations again.”

Mr. Leonidas Kouris, Governor of Eastern Attiki

“Endless creativity that goes beyond every limit of logic! There, where the simple mind cannot capture such a divine effort. We, the simple people, stand so humbly before you!!! No bravo or congratulations are enough to offer you a sample of appreciation. One look, one warm hug, our hearts, our souls, what of everything can we offer you for your being, because you have warmed our hearts with your unparalled works.”

Ms. Tania Theodorakis

“I am very happy today to have the opening of a very special art exhibit; an art exhibit that imprints, in the best way, the strength of the soul of a person with special needs. An exhibit that combines in the most obvious and creative manner, the ideas and worth of the arts and culture. An art exhibit which, apart from it artistic worth has a symbolic meaning; it shows that art and artistic creation is a stronger form of emotional expression which goes beyond all barriers. Congratulations to all of the creators.”

Mr. Christos D. Agrapidis, Mayor of Pireaus

“I bow with respect for your works. Bravo.”

Mr. N. Aliferopoulos, Artistic Critic E.G.B.T.P

“An excellent expression of perfect artistic quality. The love of art without limits is obvious. Warm congratulations.

With respect,”

Dr. Stephanos Gialamas, General Director, American Community Schools of Athens

“My friend Triantafyllo,

The culture that you produce from inside your works, honour Xanthi and Greece. Warm congratulations and may you have the spirit for many more works.”

Mr. Phillipos Amoiridis, former Mayor of Xanthi